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Attention 4DTV Owners. Due to our busy schedule working with our other entity. We regret to inform all that we are scaling down 4DTV operations. We only will work on them on a limited basis as time permits. Please call first to confirm if we can schedule you in. Thank You.


We have over 35 years of Electronic Experience!
We have the knowledge and understand the 4DTV, bringing you Top Quality Service.

Were sorry to see ATS close it's doors in July 2013.
We offer a Warm Welcome to the old ATS customers and able to serve their 4DTV needs.
Were here to help keep your 4DTV and C Band Alive!
We have multiple years of Satisfied 4DTV and C Band Customers!

The Rainier Satellite Receivers Interface maps for your 4DTV.
The Most Powerful 4DTV Maps Anywhere!

These maps are specially designed for use with the PowerVu and Digicipher units needed for
Rainiers Satellite programming and or FTA.
These supersede and replace all previous versions
in use anywhere. A new industry standard for your 4DTV. Are You Ready For The Future?
Call us for more info... Update Today!

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Were the Only Place that Offers the Most Advanced
Maps and Custom Features for the 4DTV Anywhere.

All Products and Services We Provide are Exclusive to Us.
Research and Development is done at our own U.S. facilities.

  Now Released... The Rainier Ultimate Maps!

These are the only Maps your 4DTV will ever need.

These are the New Industry Standard. Based on our Number 1 Ultra Plus Exclusive Engine and Design maps.

Now Released the Ultimate Ratings Ceilings Bug Fix for the 922
           Our Special Edition has more features and options than anything else out there.
Only Available from Us for your 4DTV.

2014... the Best Year for C band and the 4DTV Yet!
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Welcome to Future 4DTV, brought to you by C Band Forever. We offer a complete line of Custom Services for your 4DTV, including: Unit ID Memory Battery Replacement, Full Custom Map Restore, and Special Custom Features for the 4DTV for DC-2 and DVB FTA Viewing. We are the true original source for the maps and custom services for your 4DTV. We are the only ones offering every DC-2 channel in the sky, only available here from us.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of customer service by committing ourselves to be the best through continuous improvement. We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience to every client. We pledge to make a difference for our clients by focusing on character, integrity, respect and loyalty.

Should I change the battery myself?
Changing it can be dangerous since done incorrectly can cause the old battery to explode! This will spray acid on the electronics and destroy the unit, plus you will loose your personal unit ID.
There are also defects in the main board on the DSR 922's that will make this a nightmare for many. Let us do it and you don't have to worry.

Lost your maps or want to have the the best custom maps installed? Tired of the 922 ratings ceilngs bug? Clock not right? We offer turn key services for all 4DTV's today. No tools to buy or buggy software to cause problems with us.

Is your 4DTV stuck on X4 only due to a master reset or maps corrupted? Won't take the H2H conversion due to map issues? We can solve this for you. We offer a free conversion with our services. Want the ultimate FTA positioner with capabilities to decode FTA DC 2 channels just like the commercial receivers do? Get all this without the fuss of entering in multiple commands just to get a few channels from one mux. Then our maps are for you.

We have these services available TODAY! for the 4DTV owners. We are the only ones offering the complete channel maps and other custom 4DTV services. Other providers that offered less quality maps are now out of business. Were still here and dedicated to C band. The maps and upgrades we provide cannot be downloaded on any satellite or are available from anyone else. We have over two years of development and experience invested in our advanced maps, upgrades and improvements. Our maps and services have been tested and installed in hundreds of receivers, with a 100% success rate. We offer only the best for your 4DTV.

Beware of non professional individuals out there that try to offer maps that don't compare with the quality of 4DTV maps that we do. These perform pooly and miss many of the channels or features that we offer. The bloated TDT count and errors from those maps leads you to troubles such as master resets, data loss and lockups. Our maps have the lowest TDT count in the industry. This ultra low error free TDT allows your 4DTV to run smoother, faster and the guide is lightning fast.

Don't be fooled by smear forums or blogs out there who promote scare tactics and fictitious information to get you to use maps that perform poorly, and have NO support or warranty. We offer only a 100% quality product. We have a 90 day limited warranty on our product and services. We answer all your questions from the start from our vast knowledge. We offer 100% phone and e-mail tech support with our services. You will not be left out in the cold with us. We are the originators of the 4DTV services and maps and have the time and experience with the maps and receivers no one can match. If your looking for the best for your 4DTV contact us.

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Don't let your battery die. This will erase your unique unit ID and data needed to decode Digicipher signals. You will not be able to subscribe to programming or get many FTA DC-2 channels (some ZK will work depending on IRD model if you get the battery replaced and our maps restored) You also will loose your satellite tiles and any custom infomation you programmed in.

We Offer 100% Support to our Clients! When you have your receiver worked on by us we offer to you 100% phone and e-mail support when you get your receiver back from us. We don't hide behind disclaimers that offer you nothing like some others do.

We give your 4DTV a full physical while it is in the shop. If we find any issues with your receiver we will contact you for what repairs are needed. We do servicing in our shop 99% of the time to keep repair turnaround times down to a minimum. Our hourly labor fees are lower than other satellite repair shops. We strive on making you have years of trouble free service when your 4DTV is returned.

Hot New Exclusive Services for 2014, Only From Us...

 Rainier Ultimate Maps "THE ABSOLUTE BEST" is Now Available for the 4DTV
View Quick Access tiles for the Rainier Satellite Receivers interface here

  Our Exclusive SuperGuide With Feed Finder Information.

  DSR 922 Ultimate Ratings Ceilings Bug Fix ONLY FROM US!
 Remove the ratings lockout screen for good!

 Your Timezone Set. Clock Fix more info...

  DSR 905 Map Restore is Now here with Ultra Digital 905 more info...

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We have over 30 years of electronic repair experience.

Want to save shipping costs and are locally in the Chicagoland area? We now accept dropoffs and pickups. Call us for more info.

Special Notes: Please download, print out and fill in our Service Request Form and include it in the box. Also before shipping IRD please remove VC-2 module if installed. If shipped with unit it will be removed by us and discarded. These are not used anymore. The batteries can leak on the digital decoder board and destroy it.

Unless specifically requested to be reinstalled we remove the VC-2 cage and discard it. This allows the unit to run cooler. This assures a longer 4DTV life. If you wish it reinstalled there is a $10.00 fee for reinstallation and additional shipping costs that need to be paid due to weight difference of the cage.

Some 4DTV have shown up here with additional problems. If your 4DTV exibits any of these we can do necessary repairs to resolve certain issues. You will be contacted with costs and what is necessary. We want to make your 4DTV the best when sent back so you can have years of trouble free service to come.

Future 4DTV or it's subsidiaries is in no way held liable for Bad Unit Address or Receiver Numbers due to battery failure from units with borderline batteries when shipped or other acts of God or shipping mishaps that can arise. Some boards can exibit bad UID's even without the battery being dead. Certain 4DTV boards have been found to have manufacturing defects that cause this to happen. We take every precaution to keep the UID's intact for you.

Receivers with bad ID's will still play Zero Key mode digital content & analog content with a new battery and maps. They also can be used as dish movers and polorotor controller for your FTA Receiver. Even before thought dead 4DTV's can have a purpose again. The Dish movers in the 4DTV are superior to those V and G box positioners sold today.

By entering into a work agreement with us you are agreeing to the company policies of GlenTech Enterprises concerning repair and or warranty work with them.

Note: All previous Legacy Mapsets have been Discontinued.

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