The Real Truth about DBS (pizza) Rain Fade

       What DirecTV and Dish Network will never tell you.

The 99% uptime is a lie.
You will lose HD and SD both.
A properly peaked dish will still go out.
Outages can last from a few minutes to hours.

It's a fact DBS pizza satellite will have rain fade issues. There is no way to stop it short of getting rid of the service and getting C band satellite.
C band IS NOT affected by rain. You will be enjoying TV during the bad weather

My story:

I got DirecTV a year ago and have outages every time it rains hard or we have clouds saturated with moisture pass. It is not caused by my dish alignment, or my conncetions, or cables being bad. It's what goes on in the clouds and the intensity of the cloud tops. I have tried 3 different dishes finally using a 90cm dish 39" vs Direct's stock 18" or 24" Slimline. The larger dish adds gain but the problem still exists. I have done quite a bit of research on this and found out there is no solution The problem is annoying to say the least. What good is turning on the TV and not being able to enjoy what you pay for. During the Spring & Summer months April till October I can have up to at least one day a week I lose my DirecTV. That's a lot of down time.

So why does this happen:

DBS frequencies 12 ghz (ku) and 18 ghz (ka) have this issue because of the moisture in the clouds cause attenuation and the raindrops cause scatter to the signal due to it's wavelength. It has nothing to do with your dish getting wet like some may believe and post on the net. The severity of this has to do with the height of the cloud tops of the clouds, the direction the storm is coming from and the angle of your dish. If the storm approches in the direction your dish is pointed you most likely will lose signal. Storms off axis usually don't affect you as much. Some area's of the country are affected more than others. I live in Chicago and we get hit bad. We look Southwest at the DBS satellites, this is also the direction most storms here come from. Other area's of the country with Florida having bigtime issues are also affected.

Picture of clouds that knock out DBS. This is looking at the 101 satellite on DirecTV from behind my dish.

This is what I see on DirecTV during a storm

This is what I see on C band during that same time (Note the 99 quality on the signal meter)

It don't even need to be raining hard as long as the dark storm clouds are there.

So What's the bottom line and the reason for this information?

This is to inform the public to expect it to happen, much more than you may have been told. Even though the Pro litte dish people and the corporations try to lead you believe different. If you want no rain fade get C band or read a book next time it rains by you.

The Truth is Spoken from first hand experience. If you want NO RAIN FADE, Support C band and Enjoy.

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