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  Rainier Satellite, It's the Future of C Band Visit


For C band Subscription TV upgrade to RAINIER SATELLITE.



The New C Band... Beyond the 4DTV Era...


Rainier Satelllite LLC


Presenting the New C Band HD Subscription Receiver and Programming.


The C Band Forever Group and GlenTech are proud to announce and promote a new all in one HD subscription satellite receiver from Cisco Systems and Rainier Satellite LLC. This unit will revolutionize C band like it hasn't seen in years. It receives C and ku band. It includes a built in subscription decoder for SD and HD programming. It also has a built in FTA receiver and other functions all in one box. It decodes a new platform (PowerVu) HD and SD subscription programming for the C band users.

Rainier Satellite Company Website Link


Cisco's Policies and Procedures Concerning Receivers.

Read here

All receivers are brand new and shipped directly from Cisco to Rainier Satellite, and then to its subscribers. They carry a full warranty with Cisco with an optional Cisco Smartnet for advanced support and replacement. Cisco's policy is between Cisco and Rainier Satellite. Secondary market aka pre-owned unlicensed equipment cannot be used or activated on Rainier Satellite platform, as per Cisco's policies. Rainier uses no seconds or refurbished gear as some smear forums and blogs state.

This information is also at the Rainier Satellite website and being distributed by many Credible industry media sources and news wires.

Consumers don't be fooled if you see negative non credible information posted at those smear forums or blogs. You can always get the true story here on the future of C band, the new Cisco receiver, and Rainier programming options available , from the credible sources here, and the big partners involved with us.



Is C Band and the Future Dead?

Beware of Lies being spread by four bad apple satellite forums.

NO C Band is not Dead  Beware of ficticious information, stories, slanderous statements, and lies being spread throughout the satellite community by 5 satellite forums. Members of Satellite Guys, TVROSAT, Ricks Satellite, FridgeFTA, and Satforums have perpetrated a smear campaign against C Band Forever, GlenTech, Glen Musielak and other key players that continue to work for C bands bright future. Those perpetrators led by ringleader, Steven Kleinot of Martinsburg WV (known on forums with the handles of Vendig, Stargaze, and artphill. More on Steven Kleinot here and here have stooped to new lows perpetrating hate and discontent, slander, defamation of character, and many lies, to achieve their ultimate goal of destruction of the C band community, its players and its future. The tactics used by Mr Kleinot and others are supported by forum owners, Joe Franco of Fridge FTA, Rick Caylor of Rick's Satellite, and Scott Greczkowski of Satellite Guys (Scott Greczkowski is also associated with Charlie Ergen of Dish Network, and very vocal in this smear campaign.) Charlie Ergen is well known for his destruction of C band for years with his takeovers and greenmail tactics of companies, NPS, Turnervision, Superstar, and Netlink to promote his pizza (Dish Network) system and steal the c band subscribers away. This is no different than Charlies past actions to achieve his goal of mega media giant. He is also behind the FTA signals scrambling as of late. The cyberbullying slanderous tactics and content have been noted, and have been passed along to proper personal at legal. They are now under investigation. These shenanigans are not being tolerated by the large corporations in development with us and our partners. These perpetrators will be delt with accordingly by legal. Don't be fooled if you see that type of information posted at those places. You can always get the true story here on the future of C band, and programming options available soon.





The New C Band STV HD Receiver with Subscription HD Programming is Here


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