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New Cisco C Band PowerVu Receiver and Programming is Coming Soon !

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HITS 2 Home on its way out, lost 31 channels as of July 11th 2013.

June 30th Programming Center no longer offered the Starz and Encore Channels, plus GAC, Sundance, The Word, Shop NBC and Horse Racing TV. As of Early July, Bravo W, History W, & HGTV W also left. This is due to the transition at HITS to there new modulation S2 system for cable companies. This leaves the H2H platform only a few dozen channels left. As HITS converts more to the new cable only platform expect more to leave. This will eventually leave the 4DTV without programming. All is not lost though, its just time to upgrade to the Rainier Satellite platform. Movie channels, Superstations, Sports, Family, Variety, and more cable channels will be available for the new Cisco receiver in true HD. This will more than fill the void left by these channels leaving HITS 2 Home. The future is bright with Rainier Satellite.


Programming Update: 07/03/13

Concerning New Channels in 2013 and Beyond... UPDATED!

Many want new channels added to C Band subscription. Here's the nitty gritty on what is happening... With the older technology (the 4DTV's and DSR 410's) currently being used with HITS 2 Home for c band subscriptions, that platform will continue to loose channels as time goes on. This is due to upgrades being made by Comcast HITS to a new DVB S2 system targeted at cable headends. . The hardware in our DSR receivers cannot receive this. Motorola maker of the DSR's Digicipher hardware or Comcast HITS has no intentions to upgrade us or help the C band consumer community. All is not lost though. Rainier Satellite has a new receiver coming out that will use the Cisco PowerVu Scrambling system. This will net us more channels than has been offered to us in years. Most Channels will be in glorious HD. To find out more visit Rainier Satellite here



Comcast HITS Does Nothing
for 4DTV's C Band Longevity!

HITS is upgrading to DVB S2 for cable companies only!

DSR 4410MD's required, commercial accounts only apply!

HITS Don't care about all the 4DTV people!

Starz, Encore and other channels no longer on 4DTV platform through Comcast HITS!

What is one to do???

The future of the 4DTV looks dark for subscription TV, but its not time to throw out your 4DTV yet. The 4DTV is an excellent dish mover / polarity contoller. It will work well with the new Cisco STB receiver for HD subscription programming being offered by Rainier Satellite.

While it seems like tough times for C band diehards that is nothing further than the truth. C band is now once again in its infancy, just like back in its humble beginings. The original fathers of satellite such as Bob Cooper (now retired), have been replaced by a few new pioneers with the desire and drive that saw what was needed to be done to make it happen again. Rainier Satellite is owned and operated by those three new c band pioneers. They have worked hard to get us where were at today, and will continue to work hard to build C band back up again.


Check back often to this page to see the latest on programming in 2013 with the 4DTV, and the new Cisco C Band Receiver.

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